Disability Awareness and Recruitment

Disability Awareness

Our Learnerships provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to obtain accredited qualifications and pursue successful careers.
Through Disability Awareness and Sensitisation Workshops, Grow Right will ensure both individuals with Disabilities as well as the Organisations Employees are sensitised towards acceptance and debunking the myths about people living with disabilities.

The course will cover the following topics:

    What is a Disability
    Types of Disabilities
    Breaking down the Barriers
    Debunking the myths about Disabilities

    Interaction, behaviour, ethics and terminology
    Disability statistics in SA
    Disclosure Process
    Reasonable Accommodation and Accessibility


Grow Right Edge Solutions specializes in the placement and integration of individuals, including individuals living with disabilities, across various levels of skill and experience in all sectors.

With due regard for clients’ requirements, we actively source candidates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and put them forward for suitable positions within a corporate working environment.

Over 10 years of experience has equipped Grow Right Edge Solutions and our staff with the knowledge and expertise to fully understand your recruitment and business needs, ensuring that the pool of candidates introduced to your environment is of the highest calibre.

Recruitment is one of our passions and we aim to place a strong focus on building relationships with both the candidate and his/her employer in order to offer continuous support and guidance long after the initial intervention.