Performance Building Strategies and Performance Coaching

Performance Building Strategies and Performance Coaching

Through Certification with Ennea International the Five Lens Development Platform is focused on future work skills by building high performance individuals, leaders and teams. The Five Lens Developmental Assessment goes beyond the ‘what’ of behaviour; it exposes the underlying drivers, the ‘why’ and offers a pathway for coaching.


The Enneagram

The Enneagram model dates back to the early 1800’s and describes human behaviour and the underlying motivations or drivers of behaviour. Ennea is a Greek word meaning the number nine, and you’ll notice that there are nine numbers in the model, each representing a particular ‘way of being’ and behaving. The model forms one of the five lenses of the 5 lens development platform and serves as a very predictive tool in indicating how our behaviour alters as we become more pressurized and stressed versus becoming more relaxed and comfortable.


Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery comprises of six factors deemed crucial for personal and professional growth. The lens provides an overall index that suggests the degree to which an individual has progressed on his/her personal journey towards continuous improvement. A critical aspect of this index is its relative nature, because it is reported in terms of the population in which you find yourself.


Development Platform Structure


Team Discovery and the 9 Essentials for High Performing Teams

Through the Five lenses we deepen the discovery phase of any coaching process and clarify core-coaching themes quickly. Gain a Comprehensive understanding of the client, by getting feedback through five different perspectives. Provide a structure whereby clients growth and development can be tracked from the start to finish of coaching interventions.